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Cleaning Engineered Wood Floors, Maintenance and Advice



General Tips for maintaining the Engineered floor

  • Maintenance is more about knowing what your product is what type of finish it is
    • If it is oil it needs soap and an oil product
    • If it is a lacquer it needs detergent and wax products
  • The most important factor sometimes overlooked is the humidity of the house, or room, or location , hallway or building, it should be between 45-65% maximum humidity which is ideal for any type of wood floor

Maintaining Engineered wood floors.

  • The best way to avoid wear issue is to have a control matt at the entrance to the building, as dirt and fine particles of grit and dirt act to wear the floor as it is walked across and act like a sandpaper when it is raining outside.
  • Always try to Immediately wipe up liquids resting on the floor surface.
  • Manufacturers often say it is best to only wipe with a lightly damp cloth, this is a good point but they miss the most important fact. If the finish on the surface is lacquer then this is fine, if its an oiled finish it should have an oil or soap product applied. See our product range for lacquers and oil finishes.
  • Cleaning often buffing the floor with a slow speed buffer is fine this would normally be applied with what is called a white pad, this both removes difficult surface dirt or stains but at the same time tends to polish the surface, when using this with an oiled floor, Carls wax oil or fresh-up product should be used with it.
  • Do not use any abrasives, floor wax, polishes, from domestic high street retailers always try to use a a product from a specialist, or only those recommended by the manufacturer. Among others never steam clean a wood floor this pressure rises water into the wood surface. It affects the look of the floor and will make even the best quality floors expand excessively, and has in some instances caused floors to fail due to water damage, causing the same effect as if you had had a flood. If in doubt you can call us, we have a help line service, where we give free advice on problems or products and how to use them. Please call 0121 745 7888. 10.0 till 5.0 Monday till Friday. 
  • Often forgotten is the effect of furniture on wood floors. We always advise to fit chairs with felt pads, however do not forget tables or any other type of furniture that is likely to be placed in the room, should be fitted with soft felt pads, especially office chairs suites and sofas.  Roller or castors on the base of sofas should have appropriate size cups fitted, these can be purchased from most stores however there are some designs that clip directly to the castor wheels these are less prone to coming off the wheels. 
  • In heavily used or high traffic areas walkways and entrances to the kitchen from the garden and entrance to the property from the front door.Always use appropriate soil mats this would be a koya or nylon polyester type, the ones that have a rough finish to the feel, so that when you wipe your feet across the matt it removes the debry from it.

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Cleaning and Maintenance of lacquer finishes Surfaces


  • Remove drilling dust, fluff and loose particles with a broom or vaccum cleaner.
  • Wipe off dirty marks with a damp cloth.
  • In case of stubborn dirt, wipe the floor damp with Parador cleaning concentrate
  • Make sure that no water puddles form.
  • Dirty spots e.g. from shoe cream, paint, tar, grease, ink and lipstick are best removed using a cloth soaked in Parador intensive cleaning agent.

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Removing stains on lacquered floors 

  • Using a cloth, apply some Parador intensive cleaning agent to the area to be treated, rub dry after a few minutes and then wipe with a damp cloth.

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Repairing more severe scratches and damage



Cleaning and Maintenance of oiled surfaces


  • Remove drillin dust and loose particles with a broom or vacuum cleaner.
  • After installation, clean floor thoroughly with Parador intensive cleaner using a lightly damp cloth (mixture ratio with water 1:30).
  • Then wipe damp with Parador wood floor soap following the length of the planks (mixture ratio with water 1:40). MAke sure that no water puddles form.
  • Wash out the wiper with clean water every time before you re-insert it in the soap solution.

Freshening up and renovating



Wooden Floor Cleaning, Care and Maintenance Products

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