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Ballroom Floor Restoration

The restoration and repair of old ballroom floors are an essential part of the maintenance and upkeep needed to look after your floor. Performance floors make the room not only more valuable, in terms of rental fees, but will also provide a safer and much more durable surface to work on. Activities such Yoga, Pilates, Dancing and general exercise classes will benefit from the longevity that this kind of surface provides. Professional and stylish looking, changing from a used up, tired looking floor to a ballroom floor definitely has its benefits.

Wooden dance floors are absolutely perfect for dance classes. They can withstand the repeated pounding of dance shoes on their surface. Sturdy and durable, makes a Ballroom floor the ideal choice. Wooden floors can come in polished finishes, which add sparkle and beauty to the room. There are many choices of wood, which include ash, maple and birch and plenty of finishes – maple flooring combined with a urethane coating is a brilliant choice for Ballroom dancing. Less friction on the floor is what’s needed for ballroom dance, so a medium speed urethane finish is highly suitable.

For any type of repetitive performance dance, as is ballroom dance, it’s suggested that investing in a sprung floor is the best option. You will gain the most out of your ballroom floor once combined with this. Sprung floors are sandwiched between the top floor and sub floor giving an extra padding. This provides a cushioned effect for the dancer’s legs and in turn helps prevent injury and stress to the bones and joints in the legs. These are common injury’s to dancers if dancing on a floor such as concrete. A good quality floor is a key factor in dancers health and not something to take lightly.

Ballroom floors can be created in panels, of which can be removed and moved around to different places should you wish to move. Allowing your floor to be renewed into a ballroom floor, will give you greater options for what you should so wish to do with your space. Hard wearing, even floors allow for greater interest and will only benefit you.

There is always a high demand for good quality floors, as many people are looking to become healthier, more places are looking to install better surface areas for exercise and fitness classes to work on. The need for shock absorption, friction, deformation, rolling load and ball bounce are all part of the many choices of sport out there. A ballroom floor will aid in all manner of indoor sports activities – badminton, basketball, netball and even indoor football and hockey all benefit from a tough hard wearing floor.

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