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Dijon Home & Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring & Hardwood Floors

Dijon Home & Flooring is based in Worcestershire and our solid wood flooring brand is from only the best quality German manufacturer branded Parador. One of the worlds leading quality solid wood flooring manufacturers. Solid wood flooring including parquet blocks is the ideal floor for those who wish to combine the highest classic home comfort with the very individual, elegant beauty of what is special over the long term. Wood is a naturally grown product, every solid wood plank is a unique specimen. The elegant look of a solid hardwood floor can add warmth and character to any room in a home.

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Offering a 25 year guarantee on the product “and fitting”, with its solid Hardwood flooring range. We chose Parador as like all high quality German suppliers and manufacturers, they are motivated and geared towards the environment. When we were looking for a supplier we chose Parador because we at Dijon Home & Flooring have a similar ethos towards beauty, quality and trying to work with the environment, for a sustainable future.

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Parador are a company we share through their supplier network, their vision of a product for a lifestyle ethos. Not sold on price but quality, performance, looks and with their solid wood range with life time guarantees (25 years on products and fitting), we feel no other company comes close to offering this level of quality service or products. Contact us to see our Solid Wood Flooring Ranges or come and visit our showroom in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK.

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Parador Classic Range

As the name indicates, the Hardwood flooring in the classic collection is indeed classic. The hardwood has an exquisite yet unobtrusive timeless look. In block and wideplank designs the classic solid hardwood floors offer a lot of room for creativity, matching a wide range of different decorating styles - ideal for home interiors from modern to traditional.


The combination of classical values and modern technology does not constitute a contradiction here. Quite the opposite. A contemporary technical interpretation and clearly differentiating product features for the different demands, ensure the products anchor position. Parador Solid Wood Classic Flooring is the first and best choice of solid hardwood flooring for anyone wanting to create a home interior that meets high classical demands yet remains untouched by fast changing fashion and design trends.


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Stun your Guests with Solid Wood Flooring

Whether you are decorating your home, a business premises or other space, the flooring you choose should be a sign of quality and choosing the cheaper option can be a sure fire way to ruin the look of your décor. It’s so much easier to present a beautiful and sophisticated finish when you choose solid wood floors.

The beauty of solid wood floors

Choosing solid wood floors is a great way to add the finishing touches to any space and turn it into something really wow! With so many different varieties of solid wood flooring available you’re spoiled for choice and can pick the flooring that perfectly fits in with your space. You’ll have much more choice as to the type of wood you want and what you want to spend and can chose anything from a simple pine floor to grand mahogany, depending on your preferences.

Solid wood flooring is durable

Solid wood flooring is one of the best materials you can choose for floors in terms of durability. Solid wood is incredibly strong and resilient to a well laid and properly prepared floor will resist the knocks, scrapes and general wear and tear of daily life and will continue to look great for years to come once it’s fitted. When you compare solid wood floor to carpets it can create the same homely feel that a carpet can but is so much easier to maintain. When you get a spill on a carpet you need to use powerful chemicals to get rid of it or call in the professionals to clean your carpet. When you spill on a wooden floor all you need to do is wipe it away with a cloth and hey presto, your floor is as good as new.

Solid wood floors are hygienic

These days more and more people seem to be suffering from allergies like asthma and eczema, but did you know that dust in the home can actually aggravate these conditions and make them much worse? When you have carpets, even if you vacuum every day your carpets will still retain a layer of dust that you can’t see, and this can affect any allergy sufferers in the home.

Solid wood flooring is much easier to keep clean and clear of dust because hidden dust won’t penetrate the wood’s surface as it would with carpet. So all you need to do is sweep and mop your floors to ensure that dust levels in your home are kept to a minimum.

So forget carpet, lino or tiles and choose solid wood flooring for your home.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have bought solid wood, hard wood, engineered wood, laminate flooring, natural stone flooring, under floor heating, carpet, and more and had it installed or fitted by us in Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Henley on Thames, Kingston Upon Thames, Lichfield, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Poole, Solihull, Stratford-on-Avon, Sutton Coldfield, Warwick, and Worcester.

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